• Planning and advisory
    We assist you in tax planning to on complex transactions with a view to mitigate the tax burden. We also advice on selection of the form of organization, restructuring of business including shareholding pattern, intercompany shareholding, etc.
  • Preparing & Filing Income Tax returns under the Income Tax Act.
    We help you compile and file tax returns under the Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Service Tax and Sales Tax/Value Added Tax. The returns would be prepared, reviewd by us, approved by you and filed either on-line or paper based as per your convenience.
  • Litigation
    We represent our clients before the Revenue Authorities which include Income tax officers, Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals), and also represent before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal for Direct Tax and Service Tax matters.
  • International taxation
    We have the resources to provide advice on international aspects of tax laws and Double Tax Avoidance Agreements including cross border transactions.
  • Preparing US Tax returns
    We have a separate associate company which specializes in preparation of tax returns required to be filed as per US tax laws for individuals, trusts and business.
  • Transfer Pricing
    We advise on inter-company transfer pricing strategies taking care of arms’ length pricing for India and the country in which the other company exists.
  • Expatriate Taxation
    We can help you in designing a compensation package for an expatriate and providing assistance in filing the employee expatriate tax return.
  • Service Tax / VAT
    We can undertake the responsibility of obtaining registration of your organization, advice on the category, rates which will be applicable, compiling and filing periodic returns, appearing for assessment and appeals if necessary.