Key Personnel
Our partners are not only qualified Chartered Accountants but most of them also have multi-disciplinary qualifications which make them versatile. Every partner has behind him vivid experience of several years in their domain.
Mr.Pannkaj Ghadiali, B. Com.; F.C.A.; D.I.S.A.; B. G. L.; Grad. CWA, (Managing Partner)
Pannkaj Ghadiali is the founder and the guiding spirit who has given the organisation an enviable growth since inception. With over 30 years of experience in Taxation, Financial Advisory Services and Information Technology, he advises clients on various aspects of business and related fiscal laws. He is an active speaker at national and international forums.
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Bharat R. Soni, B. Com.; F.C.A.,
Bharat Soni has been with the organisation for 15 years and specialises in taxation matters. He also has experience in bank audits and has personally dealt with banks for loan sanctions and disbursements.
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Kulin V. Desai, B. Com.; F.C.A.,
Kulin Desai has tremendous experience in the international outsourcing industry. With over 10 years experience in setting up and managing international and domestic outsourcing arm of the firm, he specializes on preparing Tax returns for US based individual and business returns, accounting and write-up services for US and Indian business.
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Rinit B. Mistry, B. Com.; A.C.A.; D.I.S.A.,
Rinit Mistry specialises in tax and regulatory compliances. He also leads the domestic accounting projects and also all the Registrar of Companies matters, viz. Company Incorporation, Filing requirements including XBRL.
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Sacchin P. Ghadialli, B. Com.; ACA,
Sacchin P Ghadialli has earlier worked with KPMG and Ernst & Young and brings in experience of the big 4 consultancy firms. Sacchin has worked for clients based in the Financial, Manufacturing and Consultancy sectors. This experience adds the flavour of International Tax to our firm.
Apart from this, he is in charge of International Accounting projects handled from the Mumbai office.
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